Pappy Kojo and Sister Derby cautions Ghanaians against COVID-19

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Ghanaian television presenter, musician, and socialite Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu aka Sister Derby in a live Instagram video session with fans was educating patrons on the global pandemic, covid-19.

In the video sighted, the ‘African Mermaid’ was seriously advocating that her fans and followers stick to the Ghana Health Service directives on how we can safeguard ourselves amid the outbreak.

“Stay home, stop mingling, and advise the people you stay with to do the same” she educated during the live video session.

As the conclave was ongoing, Ghanaian musician based in Italy Jason Gaisie, known in showbiz as Pappy Kojo joined in the session and also shared his experience of the coronavirus in Italy where he’s currently and dropped some precautious advice to the populace.

Pappy Kojo during the convo was very alarmed as to how some Ghanaians on Twitter seem unperturbed about the whole wild spread of the virus and was quick to add that some Ghanaians in Italy including himself did not take the whole thing seriously until the virus started claiming lives.

“It was like that here, in the beginning, myself I didn’t take it seriously but Charley it really got serious like where I dey ambulance they pass by every 5 mins, It’s very serious”. Pappy Kojo recounted.

On how he’s coping over there now that the death toll is madly on surge in Italy Pappy said he has been indoors as that’s the only way out of not getting in contact with the virus even that he’s more careful about the door handles and other petty things that could be touched.

He added that he adheres to the handwashing mechanism even when foods are delivered to him indoors.

He strongly emphasized that the spread of the coronavirus is real and its really killing people. So Ghanaians should be careful because we are at high risk of getting in contact with the virus.

Watch the video below;


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