Bukom Banku marries a fifth wife and brags about fathering more children in this critical COVID-19 era

bukom banku
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Ghanaian professional boxer Braimah Isaac Kamoko also known as Bukom Banku has disclosed that he has married a fifth wife.

He did not only tell the world about his new wife but vowed to give birth to a seashore of children since that brings him joy and fulfillment.

Currently, Bukom Banku has eleven children but he added that he married this new wife to complement his effort of giving birth to a multitude of children.

In an interview on Adom TV, the boxer said his new wife is called Akweley and he is ready to fulfill his heart desire to be a present-day ‘Abraham’ (Father of a multitude of children).

Contrarily, Bukom Banku did not tell the audience how he is going to fend for these children or wives. He used to have four wives until he divorced three of them for reasons known to him alone.

Bukom Banku was one of the few Ghanaian boxers who was undefeated until October 2017 when Bastir Samir sent him to the cleaners.


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