Criss Waddle donates gallons of hand sanitizers to 3 Major Government Hospitals

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AMG CEO, Criss Waddle has taken it upon his shoulders to support during these hard times of the outbreak of Coronavirus.

A few days ago, he shared free hand sanitizers to his fans. Most of which he personally delivered.

Well, today again, the musician has taken a step further to donate to Hospitals.

He wrote on Twitter that he believes the Government is under a lot of pressure right now.

So he has decided to do this to also help the little way he can.

He sent the sanitizers to Tema General Hospital, Konongo Odumasi Government Hospital, and Tema Healthwise Medical Center.

He tweeted:

“Tema General Hospital,Konongo Odumasi government HospitaL and Tema Healthwise Medical Center your hand Sanitizers are on their Way,Government has so much pressure right now,Let’s all contribute any little way we can

Below is a video of the gallons of sanitizers packed at the back of a Pick-up vehicle:


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