Nana Addo featured on ‘Good Morning Britain’ for his immense fight against Coronavirus in Ghana

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Ghana’s president, His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has been on a British TV Channel, iTV for his immense fight and measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in Ghana.

Prez Akuffo-Addo in his recent press to address the nation on the way forward to curb the novel Coronavirus by imposing a lockdown, he sited a quotation and this quote got him featured on the international television station.

In Nana Akuffo-Addo’s statement, he emphasized on the lives of Ghana ahead of the economy which they can help build after the pandemic is over but not that of human life.

He noted:

“We know how to bring the economy back to life. What we do not know is how to bring people back to life”


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